THE DANGER of being on Tour

Sometimes an experience leaves a great impact on you! For my part I always try to keep myself out of trouble.

Although I once slightly missed this good intention. I hardly passed the young age of 18 as Iīve
been on an offroad-ride with some of my friends. I took a curve too fast and my jeep flashed over.
Fortunately no one was injured!

During the cleanup of a sangria party someone of the still drunk guests hit my eye with a
sangria-tube. The doc told me later that Iīm a lucky guy - I nearly lost my eyesight.

Later (oct. 2005) a good friend of mine and I made a mistake by going out in the Namib desert
without water. We were always told: 'Donīt go out thee without at least one bottle of water!'
- We knew - but we did anyhow.

In june 2006 we went up one of the bigger mountains in the allgaeu - alps. Weīd been very late and
had a long way to go - but didnīt give up. It all ended up with a uncomfortable and wet overnight
stay at about 2500 meters above sealevel. Lightning strike exposure included.

So let me tell you: Donīt risk your life just for a minor reason! Stay alert!

TAKEcaution signCARE!